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he was the lone ranger once. >> narrator: my father was a performer at heart, and my parents married not long after he'd finished a stint in radio, working on the original "lone ranger." >> hi-ho, silver, away! >> narrator: i love this letter from his broadcasting company. >> oh, this is a wonderful letter. read it. >> narrator: "it's with regret that we learn that bill is considering the completion of his course, as he has a fine voice, good vocabulary, and an instantaneous mind." i always loved that phrase, "an instantaneous mind." my dad left broadcasting to become a teacher, but the spoken word remained central to who he was. language was his gift, a gift that began slippinaway in the fall of 1971. >> i was walking with him, and i thought he was holding his hand, just not in an ordinary way. it was... it looked stiff and different. >> narrator: it was the first sign of parkinson's, a condition that not only steals movement, it can rob you of something more. >> he was mostly concerned about his voice, because he did have a good voice, and that deteriorated gradually. toward the en
with the new york yankees and the baltimore orioles and the oakland as and the texas rangers that it meant quite a bit this year to win your divisional championship because you didn't want to have that one-game playoff. because if you did not only is it one game and you're removed but it forces you to use your starting ace pitcher for that one game and if you win that game you can probably only use him once in the next series. so i think it's done a great thing for adding more interest but it's made winning your divisional championship more value. >> brown: drew sharp, "detroit free press," thanks so much. >> woodruff: again, the major developments of the day: mitt romney won praise from republicans for his performance in last night's initial presidential debate. overnight polling gave him the advantage. president obama and fellow democrats charged romney did not tell the truth during the face-off. and turkish artillery shelled targets in syria for a second day, after a syrian mortar round killed five turks on weesday. the newshour had extensive debate coverage on air and online, starting
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2